Rate Screener




FASTBOOKING Rate Screener is a market analysis tool through which you can monitor, analyze and compare your rates and availiabilitesAi?? to competitors in real time on distribution websites as

well as on their official websites.

The information collected will enable you to better adjust your offer for maximum competitiveness and profitability.



a?i??Competitive Intelligence : Analyze and compare your rates to competitors (up to 20 hotels on their official website and up to 10 distribution channels) thanks to an ergonomic interface

a?i??Check parity: Check the best available daily price on distributors of your choice and adapt your strategy

a?i??Rate Shopping : In the blink of an eye, analyze the position of your hotel within the competition range

a?i??On Demand Updates: Order advair discus online Price evolution whenever the revenue manager wants for any Room Types, any Length of Stay, any Distributors including Official Websites

a?i??Complete Dashboard: Compilation of the most important indicators for a quick analysis of the market situation

a?i??Events & holidays: Take benefit from an efficient tool that displays all the events / holidays which may drive business to your hotel

a?i??Alerts : Define screening according to your needs and set personalized notifications for alerts each time your market changes